Smart Client Lifecycle Management

Planning Session

Take 45 minutes to plan out your ideal Client Lifecycle.

Plan how to Collect the right prospects, Convert to paying Clients, and Create Raving Fans.

No Obligation, and you'll get a copy of the game plan.

Just book your session on the calendar below

This is the process of providing your prospects  and clients with the experiences they need, want and appreciate.  

To master this we need to undestand your target audience and how to gain and retain the right clients.  We'll look at how you can grow customer value over time.    


  • Profile your ideal client and where we can find your audience.
  • Plan the ideal "lead magnet" that will be an irresitible offer to your ideal prospect.
  • Collect the details that allows you to take the next steps to nurture your prospects.


  • Engage and educate your prospects to position yourself as expert and keep you top of mind.
  • Craft the offers that attract your ideal prospect
  • Make sure that purchasing is as easy as possible.


  • On-boarding is the first chance to impress your clients.
  • Build a consistent and professional client journey.
  • Build value from your list by offering more and getting more clients.

Your planning allows you to build the systems that:

  • Win more opportunities by moving more prospects through the pipeline.
  • Prioritise your efforts by identifying the next steps you need to take.
  • Save time; systems can be automated, delegated and ousourced.
  • Turns your business into a saleable asset.